Retargeting is the ability to display banner ads to people who have already visited your website within the last 30 days.

Typically it is the best way to improve your advertising spend as it is a unique form of targeting that knits together all of your advertising, be it organic traffic, adwords, print or other banner ads. Anyone who has visited your site can be communicated with as they continue their online journey.

Benefits of Retargeting

A re-targeting campaign will allow you to make the most of your website’s existing traffic. We can advise you on the best way of displaying banners which strikes the balance between being overly intrusive and gently encouraging re-engagement.

Very few visitors commit on the first visit to a website. These days, individuals tend to research and consider several options before making a commitment. Re-targeting allows your business to have a second chance while your potential customers are still undecided.

Re-targeting represents fantastic value for money as it will probably be the most targeting form of online advertising available to you. Because of its precision, there is no need for huge numbers of banner ads to be displayed and even relatively modest advertising budgets can last months.

Great for brand building. All successful brand building is based around repetition and re-targeting will allow you keep your brand in front of an audience you know are interested in you. Your re-targeting will super charge the effectiveness of traffic from all your marketing channels.

The 5 step guide to the perfect retargeting campaign

1. Let us know your monthly traffic figure
Allows us to ‘price up’ the campaign for you

2. We’ll send you through a simple quote
This will tell you the price and campaign length.

3. A line of code will be sent over to you
Paste the code into the ‘head-tag’ of your site

4. The campaign goes live
You’ll begin to see the benefits straight away

5. Weekly performance reports
We’ll pop them over so you can see how many visitors you are getting